Lemur Yoga: Leap Over to Chase Sanctuary in Florida

Written by Kali Todd

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June 18, 2023

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Tucked within the small town of Webster, Florida is a tranquil retreat where visitors can responsibly interact with a variety of exotic animals. Among the many unique experiences offered at Chase Sanctuary, Lemur Yoga was one that I couldn’t pass up! Lemur Yoga merges the serenity of yoga with the playful presence of lemurs, a friendly white-tail deer, Patagonian cavies, rabbits, and an adventurous tortoise. Animals at Chase Sanctuary have been rescued from irresponsible owners or rehabilitated from injuries that occurred in the wild.

Chase Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservatory is located on a 10-acre haven that was founded in 2007 originally as a rescue for dogs, cats, and birds. In 2014, the sanctuary moved towards a focus on preserving critically endangered lemurs, including ruffed lemurs and cotton-top tamarins, with its first guest being a brown lemur.

Interestingly, nearly all pet lemurs become aggressive after a few years. The necessary social structure found in the wild, which includes an alpha, is completely missing when lemurs are held as pets. Lemurs may seem calm in infancy, but once they reach maturity, the lack of social structure turns into aggression from the need to assert dominance. At Chase Sanctuary, the social structure seen in the wild is in place, which makes for the perfect human-animal interaction. Lemurs at Chase Sanctuary are playful and excited to meet guests.

Lemur Yoga is inspired by the sunbathing techniques that lemurs have which make them look as though they are meditating, often referred to as “sun worshiping.” With bellies faced toward the sun and arms and legs outstretched, lemurs soak in as much sun as possible. With Lemur Yoga, visitors can experience lemurs in full play mode in the open-air habitat that allows the exotic animals to dangle from your back in a downward dog and hang from the large oak trees above. As you flow through different yoga poses, the lemurs may curiously interact, mirroring your movements or even joining you on your mat.

A couple of fruit pieces are given to each visitor which guarantees an up-close encounter from not only the lemurs but the several other critters who are participating in the yoga session. This includes the friendliest white-tail deer that will convince you to give her all your treats, a giant rabbit-like animal known as Patagonian cavies which are related to guinea pigs, large white rabbits, and even a sociable tortoise. In all honestly, I did very little yoga during this experience. It’s up to each individual how much yoga they would like to do, but there is no judgment if you want to only hang out with the animals on your mat and do a few poses here and there. 

Beyond the yogic benefits, Lemur Yoga at Chase Sanctuary serves as a platform for conservation and education. The sanctuary is dedicated to preserving lemur populations and their natural habitats. By participating in Lemur Yoga, visitors actively support these conservation efforts and help raise awareness about the urgent need for lemur protection.

Each session incorporates educational elements, offering valuable insights into the lemurs’ behavior, habitat, and conservation challenges. A knowledgeable instructor shares fascinating information, allowing participants to develop a deeper appreciation for these charismatic animals and their vital role in the ecosystem. This unique blend of yoga and lemurs creates an experience that is both grounding and uplifting, leaving visitors with a renewed sense of well-being and a deeper connection to the preservation of these exotic animals. And how many people can say they’ve done yoga with lemurs?!

Looking to visit? Lemur Yoga runs nearly every Saturday from 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM and is $75 per person for ages 13 and up. Tickets must be purchased ahead of time here.    

Chase Sanctuary has experiences for everyone, including Painting with Primates, Lemur and Friends Interactive Tour, and a Sloth and Anteater Experience


  1. Ivanka

    ha, sooooo cute, absolutely adorable. Now on my list to visit Lemur Yoga at Chase Sanctuary

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    This is so cute! I am eager to visit now thanks to your article.

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    This is an experience I haven’t ever heard of! And since I find lemurs adorable, now I have to try it!

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    I had always heard of goat yoga but not lemur yoga. Thanks for enlightening us!

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    This sounds like so much fun! I’ve heard of puppy and goat yoga but this takes it. They’re so cute!


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