Journey to Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland (2024 Travel Guide)

Written by Kali Todd

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November 28, 2023

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Famous for its association with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous series Sherlock Holmes, Reichenbach Falls is a stunning waterfall nestled in the Bernese Alps in the town of Meiringen – a mere 15-minute walk or 3-minute drive from Aare Gorge’s West Entrance. Plunging from a height of 820 feet (250 meters), the falls cascade in a series of thunderous steps, creating an awe-inspiring spectacle.


The journey to Reichenbach Falls is as picturesque as the destination itself. Visitors can take a scenic funicular ride straight to a fantastic viewpoint, with the option to embark on a trail that leads to various vantage points overlooking the falls. The panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys only enhance the grandeur of Reichenbach Falls, making it a must-do for anyone seeking a true Swiss alpine experience.


Reichenbachfalls Funicular Mechanic Room and Reichenbachfalls

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle visited Reichenbach Falls in May of 1891 and was mesmerized by it. The falls gained international fame in 1893 when it became the backdrop to Sherlock Holmes’ The Final Problem, where Holmes battled his arch-enemy, Professor Moriarty. In the novel, both Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty fell to their death at Reichenbach Falls. While the duel in the novel was fictional, Reichenbach Falls became an iconic location. 

Reichenbachfalls sits in the Aare River valley, created by glaciers over thousands of years. The funicular was created in 1899, is 0.44 miles (714 meters) long, and rises 794 feet (242 meters). The funicular was replaced with a replica in 1999, still sporting a classic red car but now powered by modern-day electricity. The journey takes about 7 minutes and offers stunning views of Meiringen, including the surrounding farmland and mountains.  


Reichenbach Falls
Reichenbach Falls

Getting There

Reichenbach Falls is located in the municipality of Meiringen, within the Bernese Oberland region, and is a short 30-minute drive from Interlaken. Make sure you are driving to the base of Reichenbachfalls. I made the mistake of trusting Google Maps and it brought me to the top, where there is no parking, only a small trail off the side of the road that is easy to miss (I missed it and drove around lost for a bit). You want to go to the Reicehnbachfall-Bahn Talstation!

Reichenbachfall-Bahn Talstation Address
Reichenbach, 3860 Schattenhalb, Switzerland

Arriving By Train
Reichenbachfalls is a quick 50-minute train ride from Interlaken. From Interlaken, take the PE (Panoramic Express) train to Meiringen, where you have the option to transfer to the regional R71 train for a 1-minute ride to Meiringen Alpbach or walk an additional 6 minutes. From Meiringen Alpbach (the second train stop) is a 7-minute walk to Reichenbach Falls Funicular. 

Ticket Prices

You can visit Reichenbach Falls individually or purchase a combination ticket that includes Reichenbachfalls and Aareschlucht. Reichenbachfalls is a free destination, it is the funicular that the ticket is paying for. The combination tickets are only a few dollars more than the individual tickets which is why I recommend purchasing the combination ticket and taking the funicular to Reichenbachfalls. 

Tickets are available to purchase in person.

Reichenbachfalls Individual Ticket

Ticket TypeSingleRound-Trip
AdultCHF 8CHF 12
Children 6 – 15CHF 6CHF 8
Children Under 6FreeFree

 Groups of 10+ people receive 1 free admission.

Reichenbachfalls & Aareschlucht Combination Ticket

Ticket TypePrice
AdultCHF 20
Children 6 – 15CHF 14
Children Under 6Free

Opening Times

Hours of Operation (Funicular)

May 4 – October 6, 20249:00 AM – 5:00 PM

How long should I spend at Reichenbachfalls?
If only going to the viewpoint off the funicular, 30 minutes is plenty of time. If wanting to hike, there are several options that will extend your visit. Top trail options are listed below!


The funicular is only accessible via stairs and is not suitable for wheelchairs or strollers. The funicular requires about 5 stair steps in order to board.

Is Reichenbachfalls kid friendly?
Yes, Reichenbachfalls is kid friendly.

Hiking Trails

Spend some extra time at Reichenbachfalls by hiking one of these fantastic trails!

Reichenbach Falls

📍 1.7 Miles, 2.7 Kilometers
🕒 1 Hour 15 Min
📈 194 Foot, 59 Meter Elevation Gain
❓Start at the top of the funicular, hike to the top of the waterfall, and back down into the town of Meiringen

🥾 Point to Point
🔗 AllTrails (Do the hike backwards for the 194-foot elevation gain)

Reichenbach - Reichenbachfalls

📍 2.1 Miles, 3.4 Kilometers
🕒 2+ Hours
📈 1,161 Foot, 354 Meter Elevation Gain
❓Start near the Reichenbach Funicular. No funicular is needed for this trail!

🥾 Out & Back
🔗 AllTrails

Reichenbach Wasserfall via Aaresclucht West

📍 4.2 Miles, 6.8 Kilometers
🕒 3+ Hours
📈 1,568 Foot, 478 Meter Elevation Gain
❓Start near the entrance of Aaresclucht West. No funicular needed!

🥾 Out & Back
🔗 AllTrails


Reichenbachfalls does not have any food available. I do highly recommend driving to “Terrasse” Nessental for a great meal option with the friendliest owner! More about this below.

Where to Stay

I loved my stay at “Terrasse” Nessental in Gadmen, Switzerland, only a 16-minute drive from the Reichenbachfalls Funicular!

The host, Peter, was incredibly nice and I enjoyed both a fantastic dinner and breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant. Pro tip – the Rösti aka Swiss hashbrowns in the restaurant are incredible! My one night stay cost CHF 108 ($122) for two people and included breakfast.

Nearby attractions include Reichenbach Falls, Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge, and the famous hike Triftbrücke. 


Final Thoughts

A visit to Reichenbach Falls is breathtaking. The sheer power and beauty of the falls can only be experienced in person – Water plunges from a towering cliff into a lush emerald-green valley below, unveiling panoramic views of the surrounding alpine landscape. Whether you’re a fan of literature, a nature enthusiast, or simply seeking a serene escape, Reichenbach Falls offers an unparalleled and unforgettable experience that seamlessly merges the mystery of fiction with the magnificence of reality.

Are you a Sherlock Holmes fan? Don’t miss the Sherlock Holmes Museum in Meiringen, located at Bahnhofstrasse 26, 3860 Meiringen, Switzerland. a 15-minute walk from the Reichenbach Falls funicular. Entry is CHF 5 for Adults and CHF 3 for Children 6-15.


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