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December 4, 2023

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A stay at the Bellagio in Las Vegas typically will cost you an average of $348 per night on a weekday, according to KAYAK. I’d never pay that much for a hotel room so I did a little digging and found a way to stay at Bellagio for only the taxes and resort fees – $51 per night. It took some work on my end but was worth it to feel a little fancy!

View from Bellagio

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What’s the secret? 

myVEGAS Rewards. A slots gaming app that offers free or discounted meals, shows, cruises, hotels, and more with the points you earn!

myVEGAS isn’t another slot game you heard your uncle raving about after he dropped $5,000 into it. It’s a completely free app – you don’t need to spend anything to earn rewards.

I used my phone and iPad to download myVEGAS Slot Machine and myKONAMI Slot Machine apps which can be played under the same account to double up on the amount of points earned towards rewards. These are all the app options: 

For something more hands-off, the myVEGAS and myKONAMI Slot Machine apps are the best pairing. You can set the app to do several spins in a row, meaning you can leave your screen on and only check back with the app every once in a while. myVEGAS Bingo is a good option if you want something that takes more of your attention.

Once I downloaded the myVEGAS and myKONAMI Slot apps, I logged in using the same email on each app and got to playing. In the game, you’ll notice Loyalty Points (LP) and Chips. LP are the gold coins used to redeem rewards whereas chips are used to play the slot games in the app. There are several slot games to choose from in the apps, and you might notice some games do better for you than others. You can change your bet for each spin, and the greater your bet, the more LP you earn towards rewards. You can run out of Chips easily so be sure not to bet too much. Open the apps and check your email daily to earn bonuses to earn LP quicker.

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

There is a daily Loyalty Point (LP) limit to keep in mind, which once reached, will show a lock symbol over the Loyalty Points amount. You can’t earn any more points until the next day. Stop playing for the day when you reach your Loyalty Point maximum and switch to the other slots game. Once you hit the maximum on the second app, stop playing altogether for the day.

Pair your Las Vegas stay with tickets to one of Cirque du Soleil’s amazing shows! I went to Ka and Mystère during my free stay at the Bellagio and can’t recommend them enough!


How long does it take to earn a free stay at Bellagio?

If you play both free slot games consistently, you can earn a free stay in only a couple of weeks. A night at the Bellagio is one of the most expensive hotel options at 150,000 points. I earned a 1-night stay at the Bellagio in under 3 weeks, then did the same thing under my husband’s game account. Once we arrived at the Bellagio, we then asked the front desk to combine the bookings into 1 reservation.  

Trick: You can combine 2 hotel rewards for a total of 2 nights free, only paying taxes and resort fees. A hotel reward can only be redeemed once every 30 days, meaning you will need a second person (friend or family) to play under their account and be present at the time of checking in. Our reservations were 1 night each at $51.02, making our 2-night stay only $102.04 and saving us nearly $600!

Inside our room at the Bellagio

Is there a catch? Yes, you can only use the free night stay from Sunday to Thursday and it cannot be redeemed on a holiday. Not every Sunday through Thursday will be available, you will need to check the comp calendar after ‘purchasing’ the reward for open dates. 

Once you ‘purchase’ the reward in the gaming app, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to redeem your free night through MGM’s website. Only 1 comp night per person can be redeemed per 30 days.

Even though the room is free, resort fees and taxes do apply unless you are an MGM Rewards Gold, Platinum, or NOIR member. These members receive waived resort fees.

myVEGAS rewards are not limited to US citizens – anyone can earn and redeem.


Would I do it again?

Absolutely! Once I was used to the game and how points were earned, it really did not take much time to earn free hotel stays. Next time I book a Vegas trip, I’ll be redeeming my rewards for another hotel stay. 


How can I view what free nights are available?

Once you go to redeem the reward, you can view the comp calendar. Don’t worry, if your wanted dates aren’t available, you can return your reward without any hassle and redeem it for a different reward. Just don’t go wild because the app only lets you return 5 per 30 days. I had no issue redeeming both my Bellagio stays for dates in October.

To view the most recent comp calendars, check out my article here.


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  1. Christine

    I use this app too and have friends that have also gotten free stays, massages, all sorts of stuff! It’s really cool!

    • Kali Todd

      Awesome!! My next goal is to redeem a cruise but my stay at the Bellagio has been my biggest redemption so far!

      • Lisa Koza

        I just redeemed for an NCL Bahamas cruise! 😁

        • Kali Todd

          That’s amazing!!! Congrats!!

  2. Katie

    This is awesome! I am downloading now!

  3. Sara Besic

    I have never heard of this. This is wild. I had no idea that you could get a free hotel stay this way! Have to look into this.

  4. Laurel

    This is a really cool tip! I’ll have to check this game out.

  5. Debbie

    Great insider tips. I love a free stay and a free vacay!!!

    • Perla

      Thank you for sharing! The two reservations can be paid with the same credit card?

      • Kali Todd

        I was able to at Bellagio, yes! But policies can change and can be different at each property. To receive the most up to date and accurate information, I suggest calling the hotel directly to verify!

  6. Ann

    Awesome, thanks for sharing. It looks like a fun place to visit!

  7. Zsuzska

    Seriously? I have to try it asap. My husband will go crazy if I show him this.

  8. Susan JoyAmongChaos

    Wow! This is new to me. Downloading this app today!

    • Maeve G

      We just came back from Vegas. We always use our myVEGAS rewards, but this time the Bellagio one night free was not available. Does anyone know why?

      • Kali Todd

        Hey, Maeve! There’s a limit to the number of comp rooms available at each resort for each date. It’s likely Bellagio was completely sold out, especially since dates July onward have not been released yet.

  9. Eva Petruzziello

    Looks amazing, my cousin was telling me about these kind of deals.

  10. Bryan

    Hello! Are there any dates for July yet? Thank you!

    • Kali Todd

      Hi, Bryan! I don’t have dates for July yet. I expect them to be released in late May.

  11. Angelia

    This is so interesting! I am going to download and try it out. Thank you for the tips!


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